29. Lecture on adaptation to climate gradients and new research Chile

26. Fishing for Silversides ... in Chile!

24. Lipid extraction on silverside juveniles

23. Tagging the Black sea bass brood stock (Feb2021)

22. Black sea bass brood stock (Jan2021)

21. Establishing a Black Sea Bass brood stock

In November 2020, we caught Black Sea Bass adults live via angling to establish two brood stocks for further experiments.

20. The day everything went right. Sampling spawning ripe sandlance on Stellwagen Bank

Sandlance only spawn within a very small time window on the Bank. This time, we were ready for them.

19. How will copepods cope with marine climate change?

Check out this outreach video of our NSF-funded research on Acartia tonsa and A.hudsonica

18. Hunting for spawning sand lance on Stellwagen Bank | Dec 2016

Hannes, Chris, David, and Mike join Captain Steve on his trawler to catch fish

17. NECAN webinar on the CO2 sensitivity of sand lance

Check out this presentation of our findings on sand lance

16. Emma turns 30 and starts a new silverside experiment!

Watch a speedy run through the process of starting a new experiment in our larval rearing system

15. First graduate sea course, 2018

Watch the supercut of our recent graduate student research cruise aboard the R/V Connecticut (video by Hannes Baumann).

14. Sexing juvenile Atlantic silversides

Watch the process of determining the sex of little juvenile fish (video by Hannes Baumann).

13. Beachseining in Mumford Cove June 2018

Watch our research team seine for Atlantic Silversides (and more in the process) for an experiment (video by Chris Tsang).

12. How a new silverside experiment starts

29 June 2018. A new experiment with Atlantic silversides (Menidia menidia) starts and as usual, it’s an all hand on deck operation. Watcha post-doc Emma Cross explaining the process (video by Chris Tsang).

11. Mumford Cove probe swap

14 June 2018. Members of the Baumann and Mason lab went on a trip to Mumford Cove, today, and thanks to Charlie, the skipper, the ride was smooth and a pleasure. Our pH, Temperature, oxygen, and salinity sensor was successfully swapped with a new one recording for the next weeks in 30 minute intervals. Wes Hoffman from the Mason lab, collected zooplankton with a Bongo-net. Sydney Stark, our NSF-REU student this summer, came along just for the fun (video by Chris Tsang).

10. A busy day in the Baumann Lab

On 18 May 2018, the Baumann lab teemed with activity. Maria Akopyan from Cornell University was busy phenotyping juvenile silversides for our Menidia Gene project. Mia and Mackenzie were busy working up field samples of silversides. And Hannes prepared adult silverside samples for later analyses (video by Hannes Baumann).

9. Live, feeding sand lance larvae

17 January 2018. The clip below shows live sand lance larvae two months after fertilization, developing nicely in 5C water and feeding actively on live rotifers. The experiments, led by Chris Murray for his PhD research, study the CO2 sensitivity of this species in our factorial larval rearing system.

Feeding sand lance
Sand lance (Ammodytes dubius) larvae feeding in green water on rotifers

8. Catching sand lance on Stellwagen Bank

27 October 2016. Hannes, Chris and Julie joined researchers from the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary, the USGS, and the crew of the R/V Auk to embark on our first sampling mission to catch live Northern sand lance, Ammodytes dubius. Footage made from clips of no less than five different GoPro's (if you listen carefully, around 2:40 into the clip you'll hear the singing of some nearby humpback whales)(video by Hannes Baumann)

7. Measuring juvenile silversides. Live.

10 October 2017. Chris, Emma, and Julie measured over 400 juvenile Atlantic silversides for their length and weight. This time, however, we did not euthanize the fish before, but successfully measured them while still alive, only a little drowsy from the mild anesthetic we administered before (video by Hannes Baumann).

6. Student video: A Future for Fish in a Changing Ocean

10 October 2017. Megan, Rainer, and Liz excel here in their video project for MARN3000. They interviewed Profs. Kelly Lombardo, Michael Finiguerra, and Hannes Baumann about aspects of Marine Climate Change and then cut their answers with researched video material from the web. Note the sartorial touch throughout the clip (6 min)!

5. Mumford Cove in December ... an underwater view

28 January 2016. Jake brings his GoPro along our monthly probe swap and have a new underwater look at the cove. What's interesting, the dense seagrass meadows that cover the Cove's bottom have become spotty this time of the year, and there's much more sand visible (video by Jacob Snyder)

4. Catching spawning sand lance on Stellwagen Bank I

6 December 2015. Footage from our second sampling trip to Stellwagen Bank (video by Jacob Snyder)

3. Catching spawning sand lance on Stellwagen Bank II

3 November 2015. Footage from our first sampling trip to Stellwagen Bank (video by Jacob Snyder)

2. Beachseining from the fish perspective

25 September 2015. We went to our favorite spot again - Mumford Cove - to go beach seining. If you ever wondered what it must be like for fish to get caught in a beach seine, well, thanks to Jake's new GoPro and his ingenuity tethering it to the bag of the seine, here's a glimpse (video by Jacob Snyder).

1. Laboratory silversides "becoming famous"!

15 September 2015. Our lab concluded a long-term growth experiment on four large laboratory populations (500+ fish per tank) of Atlantic silversides (Menidia menidia), which were reared at ambient and high CO2 levels and low temperature (17C) and feeding conditions. Here's a time lapse of all of us working for hours to sample, measure and preserve various parts of the populations for later analyses of weight, sex, as well as genetic and transcriptomic approaches (video by Jacob Snyder).