* author/co-author is or was a student in the Baumann lab

Peer-reviewed publications


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    PNAS (in submission)
  • Akopyan, M., Tigano, A., Jacobs, A., Wilder, A.P., Baumann, H., and Therkildsen N.O.
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    Molecular Ecology (in revision)
  • Suca, J.J., Ji, R., Baumann, H., Pham, K., Silva, T.L., Wiley, D.N., Feng, Z., and Llopiz, J.
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    Fisheries Oceanography (in revision)
  • Brennan, R.S., deMayo, J.A., Dam, H.G., Finiguerra, M., Baumann, H., and Pespeni, M.H.
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  • Baumann, H. (2022)
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    ISBN 978-0-367-02498-7 (hardback), 978-0-429-39924-4 (e-book) | to be published March 2022






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