7. Depicting interannual trends in temperature, pH, and dissolved oxygen in 16 nearshore estuaries

Interannual trends in temperature (red bars), dissolved oxygen (%, blue bars) and pH (green bars) at 16 US NERRS sites, shown as yearly anomalies derived from averaging monthly anomalies for each variable, site, and year. Black trend lines were derived by LOESS smoothing (50% bandwidth) – Baumann, H. and Smith, E. Quantifying metabolically-driven pH and oxygen fluctuations in US nearshore habitats at diel to interannual time-scales Estuaries & Coasts (in press).

6. Graphical recording of Hannes’ talk at Columbia University by Tracey Berglund

Graphical recording of H. Baumann's keynote lecture
Graphical recording of H. Baumann’s keynote lecture “Combined effects of ocean acidification and its co- stressors on marine organisms” (Artist: Tracey Berglund, tra4art.com)

5. Outreach material for the Mumford Cove Association

Mumford Cove Ass_probe

Mumford Cove Ass_silversides

4. Climate change effects on zooplankton and its potential for mismatches with higher trophic levels – a genesis

The result of an initial brainstorming session on the whiteboard

Scribbling early concepts in a notebook. Drawing is still the best way of developing a visual idea.
The illustration visualizes direct and indirect effects of climate change on zooplankton, which potentially shift in phenology, behavior etc. This in turn results in a number of potential mismatches with fish, particularly the early life stages that most rely on the timely occurrence of the right kind of zooplankton (April 2015).

3. Illustration of the structure of a research proposal

It is often a great idea to give reviewers of a research proposal a quick, visual idea of the main parts and overall objectives of the proposed research (Oct 2015)

2. Ocean acidification: challenges on each level of organization – a genesis


The idea of using cubes to visualize the hierarchical levels of organization came while contemplating the mess in my kids’ room, in particular the alphabet cubes strewn on the floor …”

This schematic illustrates how a stressor like ocean acidification impacts processes on different levels of organization, from the chemical properties of seawater and whole ecosystem down to cellular and molecular levels. So far, OA research has largely focused on individuals, with major knowledge gaps remaining in most of the other domains (Feb 2015).

1. Ocean acidification effects on externally vs. internally calcifying organisms

This unfinished concept illustrates different research aspects that are investigated for externally vs. internally calcifying marine organisms