Peer-reviewed publications

*denotes author/co-author is a student in the Baumann lab


  • Baumann, H.
  • Experimental assessments of fish sensitivity to ocean acidification and its co-stressors: progress and challenges
    Canadian Journal of Zoology (in review)

  • Baumann, H., Cross, E.L., and Murray, C.S.
  • Robust estimates of early life CO2 sensitivity in a marine fish
    Biology Letters (in revision)

  • Breitburg, D.L., Baumann, H., Sokolova, I.M., and Frieder, C.A.
  • Multiple stressors – forces that combine to worsen deoxygenation and its effects. Chapter 6 In: Ocean deoxygenation: everyone’s problem. Causes, impacts, consequences and solutions
    International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). Report # (under review)





Publications by Baumann et al. prior to 2014 are accessible on my CV, UConn and GoogleScholar profiles