Peer-reviewed publications

*denotes author/co-author is a student in the Baumann lab


  • Akopyan, M., Tigano, A., Jacobs, A., Wilder, A.P., Baumann, H., and Therkildsen N.O.
    Comparative linkage mapping uncovers massive chromosomal inversions that suppress recombination between locally adapted fish populations
    Genetics (submitted)
  • Suca, J.J., Ji, R., Baumann, H., Pham, K., Silva, T.L., Wiley, D.N., Feng, Z., and Llopiz, J.
    Larval transport pathways from three prominent sand lance hotspots in the Gulf of Maine
    Fisheries Oceanography (submitted)
  • Brennan, R.S., deMayo, J.A., Dam, H.G., Finiguerra, M., Baumann, H., and Pespeni, M.H.
    Loss and recovery of transcriptional plasticity after long-term adaptation to global change conditions in a marine copepod
    Nature Communications (resubmitted)
  • Concannon, C.A.*, Cross, E.L., Jones, L.F., Murray, C.S., Matassa, C. McBride, R.S., and Baumann, H.
    Whole-life, high-CO2 exposure affects temperature-dependent fecundity traits in a serial broadcast spawning fish
    ICES Journal of Marine Science (in review)
  • Baumann, H. (2021)
    Chapter 11: Fish Ecology
    In: Pan, J. and Pratolongo, P.D. (eds) Marine Biology: a functional approach to the oceans and their organisms. CRC Press/Science Publishers (Taylor & Francis)
    ISBN 978-0-367-02498-7 (hardback), 978-0-429-39924-4 (e-book)





  • Dam, H.G. and Baumann, H. (2017)
  • Climate change, zooplankton and fisheries
    In: Phillips B, Perez-Ramirez M (eds) The impacts of climate change on fisheries and aquaculture. Wiley/Blackwell (September 2017)






  • Buesseler, K.O., Jayne, S.R., Fisher, N.S., Rypina, I.I., Baumann, H., Baumann, Z., Breier, C.F., Douglass, E.M., George, J., Macdonald, A.M., Miyamoto, H., Nishikawa, J., Pike, S.M., Yoshida, S. (2012)
    Fukushima-derived radionuclides in the ocean and biota off Japan
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 109: 5984-5988