Peer-reviewed publications

*denotes author/co-author is a student in the Baumann lab


  • Silva, T., Wiley, D., Valentine, P., Blackwood, D., Thompson, M., Hong, P., Kaufman, L., Suca, J., Llopiz, J., Baumann, H. and Fay, G.
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    Conservation Biology (submitted)

  • Cross, E.L., Murray, C.S.*, and Baumann, H.
  • Diel and tidal pCO2 × O2 fluctuations provide physiological refuge to a coastal forage fish
    Scientific Reports (submitted)

  • Munday, P.L., Rummer, J.L. and Baumann, H.
  • Chapter 10. Adaptation and evolutionary responses to high CO2
    In: Grosell, M. Munday, P.L., Brauner, C. and Farell, A.P. Farell (eds) Fish Physiology Volume 37: Carbon Dioxide Elsevier (in press)

  • Pringle, J.W.* and Baumann, H.
  • Sex-specific growth and survival in young-of-the-year Atlantic silversides inferred from otolith microstructure analysis
    Marine Ecology Progress Series (in revision)

  • Therkildsen, N.O. and Baumann, H.
  • A comprehensive non-redundant reference transcriptome for the Atlantic silverside Menidia menidia
    Marine Genomics (in revision)

  • Murray, C.S.*, Wiley, D., and Baumann, H.
  • High sensitivity of a keystone forage fish to ocean acidification and warming
    Conservation Physiology (in revision)

  • Breitburg, D.L., Baumann, H., Sokolova, I.M., and Frieder, C.A. (2019)
  • Multiple stressors – forces that combine to worsen deoxygenation and its effects. Chapter 6 In: Ocean deoxygenation: everyone’s problem. Causes, impacts, consequences and solutions
    International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). Report # (in press)






Publications by Baumann et al. prior to 2014 are accessible on my CV, UConn and GoogleScholar profiles