Prospective students

Prospective graduate students:

I’m open and committed to receive applications from interested, ambitious, and qualified graduate candidates, and may be approached by those wanting to work with me on competitive fellowship applications that they might want to pursue. Our lab has been up and starting since September 2014 and will likely seek another graduate student for fall 2016. Get to know the research areas first and then contact Dr. Baumann directly.


Volunteering is a great way to get to know the practical, exciting and mundane aspects of field and experimental biological oceanography. Our experimental season generally starts around April, that’s when a pair of extra hands is often extremely helpful.

Our current team of dedicated summer undergraduate students are: Elizabeth Karamavros, Wes Huffman, Megan Barry, and Rafeed Hussain.

All current and former undergraduates can be found under Baumann Lab.

Sunset Groton Eastern PointMumford Cove Oct 9th 2015Mumford Cove Oct 9th 2015West Meadow Creek, Old Field NYElizabeth and Chris seining the Mumford Cove beachMumford Cove Oct 9th 2015Seining in Mumford Cove, CTMarine Science BuildingNeedlefish in beachseineA search party for Atlantic Silverside eggs. Dr. Conover visited our lab and in the morning hours of May 8th joined us in trying to find spawned silverside eggs in the intertidal zone of Mumford Cove.Seining and water sampling in Mumford Cove, CTSunrise Flax Pond, NYSeining the PoquonnockSwans at Poquonnock RiverAtlantic Silverside juveniles swimmingBeach seining at Stony Brook Harbor, NYAtlantic Silverside embryosWave