Month: June 2019

[Lab news] NSF-REU student Deanna Elliott joins the Baumann lab

Deanna Elliott is a junior at Arizona State University who has joined the Baumann lab in summer 2019 as our third NSF-REU student. Deanna has experimented with locusts before, but now strives to become an expert fish rearer. Her project will rear Atlantic silverside larvae under different feeding regimes to create fish of different body sizes and then analyze the these fish for trace levels of mercury in their tissue. She will test the hypothesis that mercury concentrations in fish can be used as a proxy for ingestion rates, which are important to improve trophic ecosystem models. Welcome, Deanna!

[Atlantic silverside, Menidia menidia, mercury, ingestion rates]

An early brainstorming sketch on the whiteboard, outlining Deanna’s REU experiment
Deanna starts her REU experiment by fertilizing strip-spawned silverside eggs